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One Size Does Not Fit All

At JustRight Surgical®, we are working to reset the standard of care. As the only medical device company in the world dedicated to serving pediatric patients, JustRight Surgical specializes in “right-sizing” technology for the operating room. Why do we do this? Because working to improve patient outcomes and the quality of care is the right thing to do.

The Future of Surgery

JustRight™ 5mm Stapler

The JustRight 5mm Stapler is raising the bar in general and pediatric surgery. The reduced instrument shaft and optimized jaw length makes downsizing all of your laparoscopic ports a reality and eliminates the need to use over-sized, overpowered instruments in your most delicate patients. In pediatrics, size does matter.

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“I have been waiting for these instruments for a long time. I have done lobectomies, stapled bowel anastomoses and fundoplications in babies weighing 2 to 3kg. It has revolutionized MIS in the neonate” – Julie Sanchez, MD; Dell Children’s Medical Center

JustRight™ Vessel Sealing System

The next generation of minimally Invasive Surgery is here: The JustRight Vessel Sealing System is the only electrosurgical system that has clearance from the FDA for use in pediatric patients. Four times smaller than any sealer available today, the JustRight Surgical multi-function sealing instrument enhances visibility and provides greater access in confined spaces.

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“Both the 3mm sealer and the 5mm stapler have revolutionized the way we approach advanced minimal access operations in small children. I am very pleased to see a team who focuses in designing the right-sized surgical tools in order to safely perform complex procedures and advance the field of pediatric surgery.” – Matias Bruzoni, MD; Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

EcoSac 5mm Tissue Retrieval System from Espiner Medical

JustRight Surgical is the exclusive distributor of the pediatric sized EcoSac 5mm Tissue Retrieval System from Espiner Medical. This latest product offering from JustRight Surgical is another example of our commitment to providing “right sized” instrumentation for pediatric surgery.

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